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Grief Balm

Day 53: Grief Balm

And then there come those moments that offer some balm for grief. Grief balm comes in many forms (and yes, can be maddeningly inaccessible in the first phase of acute grief). When these moments of balm arrive, notice them. Bathe in them.

Yesterday, my grief balm came in the form of “Let go, mama.”

AND let me be very clear--grief balm doesn’t take away the grief. It doesn’t block it. It eases it. And sometimes, these moments are confusingly both amazing AND really hard. They can highlight what is different in our life since our grief journey began. The moments are wonderful AND bittersweet. And that’s ok. This grief and life thing is complicated. And confusing.

What are your grief balm moments as of late?

Welcome to my #100dayproject. I am providing a daily offering on #grief, in honor of each person who has trusted me with their story and wisdom during their #griefjourney. I hope that others may benefit from simple and straightforward talk about a topic that can be difficult. Thanks for following and/or sharing.

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