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Katherine Hatch, MSW, LCSW, LICSW, LCSW-C

I am a grief and trauma therapist working with people in Oregon, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Maine. I started my career in grief and loss as a clinical social worker in palliative care and hospice in 2010. I  received my Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. I also serve as a training consultant for the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing in Washington D.C., facilitating grief and trauma trainings for clinicians.

As a therapist, I am a companion and a witness. I will never fully understand the grief that any one person experiences because grief is so personal and individual. Yet I will be by your side, offering some structure, some guidance, some tools, and some wisdom that I have gathered from the countless stories of those who I have been with on this journey.

I value time with my five year old, being outside, hearing people’s stories, endorphins, friendship, humor, and being asked “how can you do what you do?” and feeling privileged to do my work.

Oregon License: #L8227

Washington, DC License: #LC50080038

Maryland License: #18661

Maine License: #LC20620

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Grief & Trauma Therapist
Grounded Grief West

I’ve always been drawn to understanding and being with those who are suffering, especially around death and dying. I worked as a hospice social worker for over 20 years, and prior to receiving my MSW degree in 2000 from Portland State University, I served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, volunteered for the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India, and worked as an outreach counselor for those who were unhoused in New York City. I am currently a faculty member of Authentic Presence which teaches healthcare professionals on the contemplative approach to end-of-life care.

In my experience, grief has its own needs - to be heard and seen, respected and honored by ourselves and others. If grief is held in this way, it flows naturally towards healing. I see my role as a grief therapist to be a witness who can hold your grief with openness and kindness while also offering you tools so you can learn to hold your own grief with awareness, understanding, and gentleness. I work with clients in Oregon.

I find great joy being in nature and hiking. I also love playing soccer in a local adult soccer league. My wife and I have lived in the Portland area for the past 23 years.

Oregon License: #L6286

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Grief & Trauma Therapist
Grounded Grief West

I am a clinical social worker in Portland, Oregon, specializing in grief and traumatic loss. I received my Masters in Public Health in 2009 from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and completed my Masters in Social Work at Boston University in 2018. I have almost 20 years of experience supporting people across the lifespan as they navigate the complexity of loss and upheaval of change. 

My passion for grief work has arisen out of doing end of life care as well as birth work, through which I have learned just how close experiences of birth are to experiences of death. In 2021, I completed my certification in perinatal mental health (PMH-C) with Postpartum Support International focusing on miscarriage, fertility concerns, traumatic births, the transition to parenthood, and the tragedy of loss.

Living with death changes the way we see everything. Regardless of the source of grief—from losing physical abilities to suffering violent abuse and interpersonal trauma, from fleeing war as a refugee to experiencing the onslaught of dementia—I have found this to be true: Nothing matters more to humans than our relationships. I believe in the transformational effect of showing up with warmth and respect for everyone whose story I am honored to hear. I believe that no one should go through grief alone. My approach to therapy is collaborative, authentic, relationship-driven, and rooted in developing awareness. 

I love giggling with my two children, tapping into deep connections of friendship, days with both sun and clouds, submerging in water any chance I can get, and eating fresh grilled sweet corn.

Oregon License: #A5331



Grief & Trauma Therapist
Grounded Grief West

I have been a practicing clinical social worker for over twenty years in the fields of grief, loss, and child and family therapy. After receiving my Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago, I moved to the west coast, settling in Portland, OR.  I started my career working with children and families facing loss and trauma and then transitioned to working with families and adults facing illness and anticipatory grief in the settings of palliative care and hospice.

Grief is a universally shared experience and an integral part of what it means to be human. It can be very painful and feel like our lives are falling apart. This is when specialized grief support can be helpful. I have been drawn to supporting people through life transitions, grief and loss because I find this work to be fundamentally connective and grounding.

During our work together, I will support the healing process of integrating your loss to help bring a sense of equilibrium back into your life.

I feel grateful to be a member of this community while living in the wonder of the pacific northwest, enjoying time with my daughter and close friends.

Oregon License: #L3829

Washington State License: #LW60828915



Grief & Trauma Therapist
Grounded Grief East

I am a grief and trauma therapist working with people in Maryland and Delaware. I received my Master of Social Work (MSW) in 2010 from the University of Maryland, School of Social Work in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2021 I completed my certification in grief and trauma therapy with the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing in Washington D.C

My journey towards grief and trauma work took shape in 2018, after several years of hospital and outpatient clinic work. In this work, I witnessed so much healing from genuine human connection and access to self-compassion and curiosity.   

In my work, my passion is to be with those living with immense grief and loss, including complicated grief and loss due to suicide. I believe there is no right way to grieve AND that no one should feel all alone in grief. I love being with people through the complexities of grief, witnessing how many people evolve an on-going relationship with their person, navigate both the dark and light moments, and find a way towards an ongoing life.  

I value time with my husband and two children, especially outside play. I love to hike, swim, and work in the yard. My greatest joys come from developing meaningful connections and exploring our world through travel.  

Maryland License: #16182

Delaware License: #Q1-0012030

Tennessee License: #8649

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Grief & Trauma Therapist
Grounded Grief East

I am a clinical social worker specializing in the intersection of grief and trauma. I received my Masters in Social Work in 1990 from The University of Pennsylvania and began my social work career in domestic violence and services to the unhoused, providing support to individuals facing traumatic loss, marginalization and violence. In 2009 I completed a two-year post-graduate clinical training program at the Washington School of Psychiatry, and in 2022 I completed my certification in grief and trauma therapy with the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing in Washington D.C

I believe that grief in all its nuances is a deeply personal, human and normal response to many types of loss that can be perfectly normal and feel awful at the same time. Grief exists at the intersection of the “mess”, and can often feel overwhelming and unmanageable, especially at the beginning. I believe that we learn to live with loss, integrating it and carrying on as it becomes a part of our narrative.

As a therapist with training in grief, loss, and trauma, I use an integrated approach - including mindfulness and yoga - to work with you to identify and focus on what you want to change. We all have resilience and strength; at times it can be hard to find, and current circumstances in our world make this harder than ever. I believe that we are formed by our experiences, but that we should not be beholden to them. Together we will focus on ways to help support you in making changes you desire, creating a safe and mindful place for that change to begin.

A life-long native of the District of Columbia, I love my hometown, my family and gardening.

District Of Columbia License # LC302537
Virginia License # 0904010804
Maryland License #20694
Maine License #LC20716

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Grief & Trauma Therapist
Grounded Grief East

I am a clinical social worker in the state of Virginia, specializing in grief and traumatic loss. I received my Masters in Social Work in 2016 from The Catholic University of America in Washington DC and began my social work career in hospice and palliative care, providing support to individuals facing a life limiting illness and their families.  In 2022, I completed my certification in grief and trauma therapy with Wendt Center for Loss and Healing in Washington D.C 

I believe that grief is a deeply human response to loss that can be perfectly normal and feel awful at the same time. I offer authentic, open-hearted presence and compassionate witness to whatever emotions arise in grief, and believe that truly being seen in our grief is an initial step in healing. Rather than "moving on" I believe we learn to carry and integrate loss into our life story. I ascribe to the healing benefits of nature, poetry, writing, humor, and movement.  My approach to counseling is accessible, genuine, and respects that you are the expert on your unique grief and lived experience.

I love spending time with my family and close friends, and I find comfort and connection in hiking, playing ukulele, strategy board games, putting my toes in the sand or the grass, and watching or playing sports. 

Virginia License: #0904011462

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Grief & Trauma Therapist
Grounded Grief East

I am a clinical social worker focused on supporting adults, adolescents, and children navigating the impact of trauma, loss, and challenging life transitions. I earned my Master in Social Work degree from University of Maryland, Baltimore and am certified in grief and trauma therapy through the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing.  

Before counseling individuals as a therapist, I served as a pediatric hospice social worker. This role deepened my passion for supporting individuals and families facing immeasurable grief. 

I believe that an effective therapist is a trusted collaborator, and I am dedicated to facilitating hope and healing by creating a space that is empathetic and free from judgment. My approach to therapy is holistic and integrative as I work to understand you in the dynamic context of your life. I believe that individual healing and peace are achieved through a careful pace and compassionate attention to your lived experience. 

I am restored by nature, yoga, and connecting with friends and loved ones over morning coffee. 

Washington, D.C. License: LC200001741

New Jersey License: 44SC06053200



Team Admin Who Makes Magic Happen

I am virtual assistant based in Austin, Texas and specializing in supporting mental health practices. I have a Bachelor's degree in English Writing and Rhetoric from St. Edward's University.

My background is in nonprofit administration and my passion is in doing work that really makes a difference. I'm an advocate of therapy for everyone, so working with therapists in my business is a natural fit for me.

There are few things I enjoy more than good breakfast tacos, live music, and spending time with my family. I am so fortunate to be a mom to my daughter, Marigold "Goldie," who was born in 2022.



Chief Morale Officer

Snowball is a born grief therapist; he tolerates silence well and listens without feeling the need to insert himself or say a word. He can be found under Katherine's chair during most remote sessions, waiting for a forehead rub or cilantro.

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