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When my son died my world fell apart, so I turned to grief counseling for help. I was extremely lucky to have Katherine Hatch as my counselor. Her intelligent and patient guidance helped me find a way to live with my grief. Katherine is a kind, knowledgeable, and empathetic counselor. I was so lucky to have her with me through the worst part of my life.


Katherine provided me with a safe space that I desperately needed during a very dark time. I had no idea what to expect, but I can say for sure that her counseling saved my life. I learned so much through her practice, not just about loss, but about myself and about the things we do to deny ourselves healing, which we all are born knowing how to do. She gave me the tools to access that knowing and to continue my grief journey on my own, and I will always be grateful for her help. Her philosophy is extremely effective, and I would recommend her to anyone struggling with any sort of grief.


Katherine was an ideal guide in getting me through the hardest parts of my grieving process. She is a kind, empathetic, caring listener and I felt very comfortable with her from our very first appointment. She also asked gentle questions that would linger in my mind over time, helping me process my grief in between sessions. I have recommended her to multiple friends and feel so fortunate that I found her when I needed her most. She is a gift.


When my mom died unexpectedly, I felt completely alone in going through this devastating experience in my early 30's. I wasn't sure about joining a grief group, but I am so glad I participated. The group allowed me to process so many emotions; hearing from, and interacting with the others in the group gave me an invaluable sense of community and support when I needed it most.  Katherine's ability to pull together such a phenomenal group and guide the conversation while still allowing everyone room to breathe and learn from each other was beyond incredible. This experience was powerful for me, and something I am incredibly grateful for as I continue on this path.


Katherine was my grief therapist after I lost my 20-year-old son 5 years ago. I had met with numerous other therapists before her - but something was missing with each one. She, in turn, helped me immensely - teaching me with kindness and compassion how to navigate through my grief. I was diagnosed with "Complicated Grief" as well as PTSD and so the treatments that Katherine employed were intense and varied. She worked so hard to help me - giving much of herself to the process and really sharing my grief with me. My healing will take my lifetime - but Katherine helped get me on that so important - early path to more effectively deal with my intense grief. And I am forever grateful to her.

She is a very unique and special therapist. There are not many like her. I wholeheartedly endorse Katherine and Grounded Grief Therapy. If you are grieving, she will help change your life.


Katherine was a godsend during a very difficult time. Her gentle, kind, and open demeanor was exactly what I needed to navigate very deep and sudden grief. Over a year later, I look back on my weekly time with her in those early days and realize just how much I needed our conversations to get through it all. She is truly a gift and I recommend her to anyone who is working through grief.


I cannot say enough good things about Katherine! I knew I had found someone special from the very first email correspondence I had with her. She is an amazing healer and her ability to help me navigate through my grief has been nothing short of a miracle. Katherine has an exceptional gift to be able to sit with you in your grief and make you feel seen and heard and understood. Her warmth, compassion, and vulnerability allows for a connection unlike any I've had with other therapists. She truly connects with you and makes you feel important. Katherine is gentle and funny and truly listens to what you say. Her ability to recall details from previous sessions always impresses me. She has changed my life in so many amazing ways!
I am forever grateful that Katherine came into my life when she did and that that she continues to support me through all of life's ups and downs.


Ms. Katherine is a very caring person. She cares so much about her customer. After every meeting with her I always feel better and more in control of my emotions.


Sometimes life can deal you a tough hand.  That was the case for me when I lost my beautiful wife to cancer in her late 40s.  As anyone who goes through something like that knows, it can be confusing, overwhelming and debilitating. But sometimes, the angels protect you and guide you to someone like Katherine Hatch.  She is the embodiment of empathy, warmth and kindness.  It is hard to describe  - you’re not sure how to tie your shoes or go grocery shopping due to the overwhelming grief, and she is a lighthouse in the storm.  She was enormously helpful to me.  I had not been to a therapist before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  But any uncertainty melted away after meeting her. 

Katherine has a huge heart – I think you have to when being so warm and welcoming while people are at their lowest.  I try to pray every day, and I thank the Lord for all who have helped me since my wife passed.  Katherine is high on that list with my siblings and friends.  I will be forever grateful for her help, and would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with grief. 


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