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There is a Why

Grieving a child is barely survivable. I see it everyday.

As I am with people trying to survive the unimaginable, I spend a lot of time with them in the why. Sitting in the why is torture AND a necessary stop in grief.

Sitting in the why of yesterday needs to happen. I don’t believe there is a simple answer to why it was these 19 children who died, instead of my own child ….but THERE IS A WHY to sit in and be acknowledged for the fact that another massacre happened.

We are way beyond a “bad things happen” moment. That is no longer acceptable. That is no longer relevant.

These massacres happen here. In America. And no where else like this.

Let’s sit in that. Take that in. And freakin finally do something. Donate to @everytown. #uvalde#uvaldemassacre#griefrage

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