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The Yearning for One Last Moment

Day 78: The Yearning for One Last Moment

I’m reading Katherine May’s book, Wintering, and enjoying her words which encourage the sitting with and allowance for sadness.

Her offering on grief is something I hear so often. If I had one more moment…

The yearning for that may never leave us. Yet our relationship to that yearning can and will evolve.

What does that yearning mean? At the end of the day, it means we loved. And we lost. And we miss. And we hoped for something different.

And then comes the next question; what then, does one do with the loving and the missing and the hoping?

I don’t pretend to have any actual answers as each person’s will be different based on their relationship with the person or circumstance they are grieving.

I do have more questions:

What does loving your person mean now? How does it get expressed?

What does missing your person look like now? How does it get expressed?

What does hoping mean to you now? How does your hope get expressed?

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