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Enough Space

Day 56: How Does a Grief Therapist Grieve #8?

I hold the possibility that there is enough space for both my own grief AND for the immensity of grief that so many are experiencing in our country and world.

The assault on Roe v Wade (aka WOMEN) interacts with my own grief. The terror of the War in Ukraine elicits my own grief. I believe that in its pure and honest form, grief connects us, instead of divides us. Grief is a human experience.

All so often, I hear this from clients… what makes my grief worthy when others are suffering so immensely in such extreme ways?

And this is what I propose: What if there was room for me (and any of us) to grieve our own personal losses AND that this grief didn’t take away from anyone else’s grief in the world?

I believe that’s possible. And, as I wrote last August when I was asking a similar question related to the terror in Afghanistan (see Day 32, First 100Days), I believe that our connection to and grace for our own suffering and pain bolsters our ability to connect to others, see others in theirs, and make a choice about how to show up when others are struggling. Compassion and grace for ourselves in our own experiences paves the way for more compassion and grace for others.

Welcome to my second, 100-day project. I hope to provide a daily offering on something grief-related. I am a grief therapist and educator working with people in Oregon, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Maine. This feed is in honor of each person who has trusted me with their stories and wisdom during their grief journey. I hope that others may benefit from simple and straightforward talk about a topic that can be difficult.

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