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Grief Fog

Day 46: Grief Fog—a benevolent companion

The fog of grief is something I hear about often, and feel encompassed by at the moment. I have learned to embrace it, because I know it is protective. The fog knows there is the creep of the visceral knowing that all is different—which seems to sneak in late at night and in the early mornings. It is the knowing, maybe only for a few seconds, that I exist in a new world. And that knowing is way too much to know and hold in the beginning.

So, I notice the scattered thoughts, the laundry piles, the misplaced keys, phone, tax forms, and the not replied to texts. I know in an odd, ironic way, this is grief’s way of giving me some time to learn this new world—because nothing quite makes sense so what the hell if I lose things for awhile.

Welcome to my second, 100-day project. I hope to provide a daily offering on something grief-related. I am a grief therapist and educator working with people in Oregon, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Maine. This feed is in honor of each person who has trusted me with their stories and wisdom during their grief journey. I hope that others may benefit from simple and straightforward talk about a topic that can be difficult.

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