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Grief is not Depression...

Grief is many things AND it not the same thing as depression.

Grief has depressive elements to it, yet it is not depression.

Knowing the differences may be helpful.

Grief typically shows up as…

· Waves

· Cycling moments of deep pain and moments of a reprieve (even in the form of numbing)

· Missing and yearning

· Loss of interest or pleasure due to the event or the loss

Depression typically shows up as…

· An unending flatness with little to no shift in mood

· A pervasive low mood

· A constant downward energy

· Pervasive loss of interest or pleasure

Welcome to my 100-day project. I hope to provide a daily offering on something grief-related. I am a grief therapist and educator working with people in Oregon, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Maine. This feed is in honor of each person who has trusted me with their stories and wisdom during their grief journey. I hope that others may benefit from simple and straightforward talk about a topic that can be difficult.

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