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Grief therapy is different than other therapy approaches. Grief is not a mental health disorder. Grief is part of being human; we will at some point all experience it. Grief can emerge anywhere in our lives, whether it is due to a death of a family member or friend, the end of a relationship, anxiety or depression that only seems to grow, previous life events we wish had never happened, or the loss of the life we lived before the pandemic.

Our therapy expertise is in providing you with pragmatic tools to navigate through grief. We want you to be able to process grief so that it does not define your life.

Grieving is exhausting on all levels--physically, mentally, emotionally, and existentially. It can be hard enough to buy groceries, let alone reach out for support. We want to make this first step as easy as possible. Send us your contact info and we will do the rest. We look forward to meeting you.

Misty Woodland


Grounded Grief East

1718 Connecticut Ave NW, #201

Washington, DC 20009

Grounded Grief West

328 NE Failing St.

Portland, OR 97212


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